About the Project

Athletes Friendly Education [AFE]

Certificate for Educational Institutions supporting Dual Careers of Athletes

Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021

The Athletes Friendly Education certification programme is focused on the promotion of Dual Careers of athletes and the support to innovative educational approaches and good governance in sport. It is relevant to the objectives of the EU policies in the field of sport and in pursuit of the objectives from the European Union Commission Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes. The legacy of the project is to find the most effective way to improve athletes’ education through an innovative educational approach that can be implemented in Dual Career programmes in the EU framework and at national levels of the EU Member states.

The project “Athletes Friendly Education” will therefore upgrade the objectives of promoting Dual Career Guidelines and spread awareness and good practice among institutions that are already supporting athletes in these terms. It will set the minimum quality standards of Educational and Training Institutions at the EU level while also reaching and connecting various stakeholders, policy makers and experts in the field of supporting athletes’ education and employability.

A further opportunity of the project is to establish a certification system framework for such institutions. Through the partners’ efforts, we will create new instruments of cooperation and help secure sustainable partnership between higher education and business while establishing a list of educational programmes, at the EU level, with already developed mechanisms. The project will also raise awareness on the importance of education of athletes at national level and offer tools to for athletes, managers, coaches and parents to take responsible decisions about athletes’ education.

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