Athletes Friendly Education resources available

Athletes Friendly Education resources available
The final AFE conference on dual career has been held on December 15, presenting the outcomes of the Athletes Friendly Education project on evaluation system of Educational Institutions which support athletes during their sport career and education.

The conference looked into the background of the project and presented the main results of the projects, with the focus on 
Athletes Friendly Education Handbook – Award for Educational Institutions supporting the Dual Career of Athletes, as well as the scientific publication Athletes Friendly Education.

Speakers in the conference were the representatives of all the partners in the Erasmus+ project, having the introduction by Prof. Dr. Maja Zalaznik, NOC Slovenia, President of the Commission for International Cooperation and the Member of EOC EU and International Relations Commission. On behalf of the European University Sports Association and the EUSA Institute, input was given also by EUSA Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik. The event was attended by the interested public from all over Europe, including representatives of several national Olympic committees, universities and educational institutions, university sport bodies and others.

The transnational project Athletes Friendly Education is focused on the promotion of dual careers of athletes and the support of innovative educational approaches and good governance in sport, aiming to spread awareness and good practices among educational institutions that support athletes in their dual careers by determining the minimum quality standards of educational and training institutions. A certification system has been proposed to recognise the efforts made by dual career-friendly institutions.

Please download the resources (Handbook and Book), made publicly available free of charge, and do not hesitate to contact any of the partners for more information.



The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is lead by the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (SLO), partnering with the National Olympic Committee of Portugal (POR), Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BEL), German Olympic Academy (GER), Croatian Olympic Academy (CRO), University of Maribor’s Faculty of Organisational Sciences (SLO), University of Rijeka’s Faculty of Maritime Studies (CRO), Volleyball Federation of Macedonia (MKD), EUSA Institute (SLO).